Sunday 22 July 2012

River's Lullaby

Lyrics by Marion Parsons © 2003, music traditional

Written for a friend of a friend whose baby was stillborn due to anencephaly; set to the melody “Coventry Carol”.

Lully lullay, my tiny child,
By by lully lullay.
Lully, my son, my baby mild,
By by lully lullay.

Long have I yearned to see your face
Hoped for and feared this day.
Long shall I wait to hear your cry
By by lully lullay.

River, though you were marked by God
Treasure in broken clay
To love and keep you was my joy
Long as he let you stay.

Your father too, he cared for you
Though all our dreams and plans
Have come to nought since you were caught
By your other father’s hands.

The summer night I brought you forth
Not into life, but death
The pure light met your opening eyes
Heaven your eager breath.

But woe is me, poor child, for thee
Sorely I weep and pray
To see you part has torn my heart
By by lully lullay.

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