Sunday 22 July 2012

Marjorie's Wedding

 Lyrics by Marion Parsons © 2000, music traditional

Written for the wedding of two of my friends.  Set to the melody “Planxty Fanny Power” with an excerpt from “Ash Grove”.

To you this day and to you forever
I bind myself and all I own
My heart and flesh, my days and nights
My mind and soul, my child and home.
My songs and my tears, my moments and years
My strength and my burden right freely I give
These vows, this ring; with joy I bring
My hand to yours so long I live.

With you this day and with you forever
I’ll walk and dance and sleep and wake
There’s none but death that can divide us
There’s all of life our path to make.
Through doubt and through faith, in youth and in age
The births and the deaths we are destined to see
In debt or wealth, in pain or health
I’ll be with you and you with me.

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