Welcome to my songbook!  I am an amateur singer-songwriter with a collection of songs that are deeply influenced by traditional folk music.  Many of my songs are based on true stories, with a special emphasis on Canadian history and women’s history.

Photo by Etienne P. Tache


"Marion seems to be walking about with the geography and history of a continent sloshing about in her head in a fine bubbling brew, and what comes out is a delight. There’s a breadth of vision here which is quite different from your average recent song about a bit of history, probably because these songs are about people, not events." Greg Stephens, The Boat Band, England

"I am struck with how she can see into the hearts of regular folks in their extraordinary lives." Rex Rideout, Time Travel Music, Colorado

"Marion, apart from being a cheerful, and thoroughly agreeable person, has a rare gift for narrative verse--her lyrics are pointed and terse, but rich in meaning, and she never compromises her purpose, which is to tell a clear and compelling story--If you haven’t checked them out--you should." Ted Boucher, lyricist/composer/playwright, Maryland

Copyright issues:

I am making these songs available in the hopes that other singers will choose to include them in their repertoires.  My songs can be performed in any public or private venue without fee or the need to seek permission, and I encourage you to do so.  Lyrics and chords (email me for chord progressions) can be printed out and copied for personal use, i.e., to add to your notebook or share with your friends.  If you wish to include one of my songs in a commercial recording, or include the lyrics in a published document, please contact me regarding mechanical royalties.
All lyrics, original melodies, and recordings on this site are copyright and self-published.  My performance rights are administered by SOCAN in Canada and ASCAP in the USA.   

Except where I’ve noted otherwise, the photos on this site are images that have been put in the public domain by the photographers and indexed at “stock photo” websites. 

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