Monday 6 August 2012

Comfortable Shoes Blues

 Lyrics and music by Marion Parsons © 2003

This one was written on a train in Germany; it’s not a true story, just having some fun with blues cliches and queer cliches.  The line “closer to fine” refers to a great Indigo Girls song by that title.  The music is a standard 12 bar blues.

Woke up this morning, an aching in my head
Woke up this morning, and in an empty bed
If I ain’t got no woman, I’ll get a cat instead.

My shoes they may be comfy, but all my nights are free
My shoes they may be comfy but I’m crying in my tea
I let a bald headed woman make a fool out of me.

Gonna find another love, babe, treat me better than you
And when I find another love, babe, I’ll stick to her like glue
Cause I ain’t closer to fine, babe, I’m just closer to blue.

That girl she stole my honey, she left me crying you see
That girl she stole my honey, she left me sad’s can be
Cause when she stole my pretty baby, I wish she’d stolen me.

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