Sunday 22 July 2012

Take Heart, All You Despairing

 Lyrics by Marion Parsons © 2003, music traditional

A gospel style Christmas carol.   The melody is "The Storms Are on the Ocean."

Twas on a dark and silent night
Twas in a village small
The Lord of all the earth came down
To save us one and all.

    Take heart, all you despairing
    Rejoice, all you that mourn
    Come rest in him your weary souls
    For Jesus Christ is born.

Born to a humble family
And on a bed of straw
But angels gathered round his crib
In reverence and awe.


The landlord had no room for him
Except a stable bare
But if our hearts can make him room
His home above we’ll share.


The wise men came with precious gifts
The shepherds, empty hands
So we must seek him as we are
And give him what we can.


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